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Our clients

Every client is unique. The one thing we do the same for each is to make their problems our own. The one thing they do the same for us is refer our services to others. Clients are our #1 source of referrals because we conspire and collaborate to husband their competitive advantages, their intellectual, human, physical and financial resources. We act for leading MNCs, start-ups jostling for freedom to operate and successful individuals. Mid-market and small-cap companies and strong family owned businesses are our 'sweet-spot'. We work with panel management tools such as Serengeti and provide tools like Viewabill, to give back to the client control over where their money is being spent. We regard each client, each engagement, each matter as a privilege to be asked to act. We repay the privilege by providing exceptional service.

Other law firms

Our #2 source of files is referrals from other law firms. We act as town agents, in conflicts and areas of specialism. We also have a formal scheme to track and reciprocate referrals of litigation (scheme). Informal referrals with no referral fee are also perfectly acceptable, but if a referral is accepted under the scheme, then we will pay a 10% referral fee of recovered professional fees and ensure that the client is returned by undertaking not to accept further instructions in unrelated matters for a two year period without the referrer's consent. The client will not be charged more than if the scheme did not exist. The scheme employs a contract between us and referrer, a disclosure statement to the client and is conducted in strict accordance with Rule 12.4.3 of the Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules 2015. We do our best to provide exceptional service, and cost predictability, with ‘no surprises’ billing.

Working here


Working here is for those who share our values and are committed to delivering value and excellence to our clients. Our workplace strives to foster diversity, inclusion, development as professionals, pro bono service and community mindedness. Our values define our professinal character and what clients can expect from us.


What we do have is computers bristling with leading edge litigation and client service technology, and we will treat you like a human being. If you are a gun litigator with an affinity for people and have a client base, let's talk.

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