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We are experienced trial lawyers.


Handling the challenging, the pressing, the intricate, the unusual, is all in a days work.

Administrative Law


A decision made by a person or authority under a power granted by statute or by a government minister may be able to be challenged by judicial review in the Federal Court or Supreme Court, merits review in the AAT or VCAT and prerogative relief in the High Court of Australia.

We assist with matters including FOI decisions, building permits, compulsory acquisition notices, liquor licensing and so on.

Alternative Dispute
Resolution (ADR)


ADR is legal jargon for the ways a dispute can be resolved without litigation.


We are experienced in these methods including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and administrative procedures and have obtained excellent results using them. However, we are trial lawyers and believe that no-one should be forced to settle.


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Contract Law


We have broad experience in litigating contractual and licence agreement breaches or defaults, resolving ambiguity in underlying terms, specific performance, rescission, rectification and other remedies.

We have acted in matters involving loans, joint ventures, intellectual property, shareholders, trusts and everything in between. If you are wondering, ask us.

Class Actions


Class actions are proceedings brought by seven or more people where the claims arise out of the same, similar or related circumstances and these claims raise substantial factual or legal questions.


Our class action experience extends to the Commercial Court of the Supreme Court of Victoria, where they are referred to as 'group proceedings'.

Competition and Consumer Law


We have a strong track record both prosecuting and defending in the Federal Court allegations involving false or misleading representations, misleading and deceptive conduct as well as third line forcing claims.


We also act for customers and competitors in damages actions following a contravention finding.

Corporate Crime and Investigations


We provide advice on the dilemmas posed by receipt of a section 19 Notice from ASIC where there is no right to silence but privilege may apply.


We are also experienced with corporate fraud, bribery and corruption, insider trading, the attendant reputational risk and strategies to recovery money from wrongdoers under these circumstances.

Corporate Law


We act for mid-market to individual clients in shareholder or partnership disputes, oppression claims, and even matters involving incorporated associations and not-for-profits where officeholders have breached their duties.


If access to books and records is in issue, preliminary discovery can be effective.

Debt Recovery


We act for companies and lenders using experience gained in acting for banks.


Our work is systemised then customised, involvin pre-legal letters and phone calls to debtors, issuing of process through to trial (if necessary), strong experience dealing with insolvent parties (preferrably not our own client), and enforcement of judgments in Australia and overseas.

Employment Law


Tactful early involvement is the key to management of grievances and claims. We understand the tactics deployed by both employers and employees. We know the appropriate amount of force to apply, and when.


We act in bonus disputes, team moves or poaching raids under restrictive covenants, investigations, terminations, redundancies and whistleblowers.



A franchise agreement is a fancy licence on steriods, overlaid with obligations arising under the Franchising Code of Conduct.


We have helped major franchisors understand the specific dispute procedures. We draft default notices, enforce reporting and payment obligations and can also act where disclosure was defective or warranties prove false.

Information and Communications Technology Law


We have strong experience in outsourcing contracts, scope-creep claims, copyright and licensing disputes, e-commerce and data security, including recovering data for our clients where data theft has occurred. We understand the link between these and the reputation of your business and you personally.

Insolvency Law


We act for insolvency practitioners and businesses involved in the insolvency process. Our experience and networks in banking, capital raising, deal-making and restructuring is our point of difference.


This practical approach we bring to VAs, statutory demands, liquidations, receiverships, bankruptcies, enforcement of factoring facilities and mortgages, ATO notices, ASIC investigations, and freezing orders or other injunctive relief.

Insurance Law


An insurance claim is an asset that sometimes requires pressure or a fight to recover it. We manage claims and act in coverage issues for corporate policy holders and can bring to bear litigation funding where appropriate.

In bringing a matter to its correct conclusion, we always seek to keep intact the relationship between insured and insurer.

Intellectual Property Law


When IP is used without its owner's consent the role of a lawyer is to stop the infringement and get an account of profits or damages.We're the firm the Japan Karate Association sent in to fight for its trade marks in Australia.


We've been involved in domain name cases involving the world's largest brands to numerous copyright, trade mark, passing off and design matters.

Professional Negligence Law


Compensation may be available where money is lost through poor work, advice or management by those purporting to have more than average skills and abilities.


Such matters may involve inappropriate financial advice, engineering errors, accounting and actuarial mistakes, or incorrect property valuations.

Property and Leasing Disputes


We undertake the full gamut of property and landlord and tenant work, including rent arrears, lease renewals and forfeitures, service charge disputes, repossessions, construction claims, even party wall and fencing disputes.

ADR is often a critical component to resolving these claims without undue cost.



The administration of regulated superannuation assets can be tricky but sometimes, so too are their trustees and advisors. Negligence can also be a  problem. SMSF funds do not have access to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. What do you do?


We can help you to access Court ordered outcomes to enforce fiduciary obligations to members, compensate inadequate Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and income protection claims and most other super-related claims.

Trusts and Succession


Court ordered outcomes are available to disappointed beneficiaries of wills, estates and trusts.


We handle every conceivable case involving trusts, wills and estates with discretion and professionalism.

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